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January-February 2008: Discover 3D, Art Exhibition at the Black Maria Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Aptil 2007: Front Cover photo and 12-page portfolio/interview in Digitális Fotó Magazin, a high-quality Hungarian photography magazine. View
You may order a copy of this magazine directly from Digitális Fotó Magazin by emailing mail@holovm.hu.

<b>Spring 2006:</b> One-Woman show at the <a href="http://www.3dcenter.us/" target=outer><b>3D Center of Art and Photography</b></a>, Feb 23 - April 2. This exhibit showcases my American Museum of Natural History diorama stereoview series begun last year, and updated this winter with new images (these new are images not yet on this site; please check back later).

<b>January 2006:</b> New aerial phantograms and Mars phantograms, and another phantogram show in San Jose.

But I don't just make phantograms! I also make stereoviews. This year I travelled to San Jose to exhibit a comprehensive phantogram collection (see <a href="2005-Phantogram-Show_sku356.html">2005 Phantogram Show</a>), and on the way, took aerial stereos. Some of these images are online now in <a href="Aerials_sku244.html">Stereoviews / Aerials</a> and <a href="Aerials_sku72.html">Phantograms / Prints / Aerials</a>, along with aerials from more recent trips to California and Texas.

<b>In February, 2005</b> I visited the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The dioramas of wildlife are world-class. I photographed many of them and have just added them to the Stereoview section here. See <a href="AMNH-Dioramas_sku376.html">Stereoviews / AMNH Dioramas</a>

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